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We follow refreshing content marketing strategy to drive customer engagement and SEO success. Depend upon our thorough website auditing process to weed out any SEO issues. A lot of lower quality SEO tactics which targeted search engines and ignored real customers are now penalized by Google's algorithmic updates.

Content marketing is based on generating genuine customer engagement on your website and beyond. It breaks down the walls between marketing and SEO to provide a unified framework for attracting customers. It uses customer centric content creation and outreach methods. A consistent content strategy will enable you to create a comparative advantage over your competitors.

Unique Coder’s creates engagement and outreach plans on the back of thorough customer, market and product research. We make a strategy about publishing your brand in respected websites on the internet, in addition to helping build relationships in the most relevant online communities. The aim on online PR is to gain trust and respect of the online target audience, which includes potential and existing customers, as well as search engines and the print and media community

The various activities which are part of this package are:

• Press release research and creation

• Press release distribution

• Optimised Press release copy and Keyword research

• Article / press release tracking

• Reporting

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